The last chance qualifier will take place on August 31rst. your last chance to get qualified to the Europeans !


Location and accomodation facilities will be rthe same as for the EC, please check the info on the EC pages.


Registrations for the last chance will be open on august 16th at 10.00 am. Only 15 spots available for each category



15:30 - registration and paiement

16:45 - players' meeting

17:00 - beginning of the competition


As there is only 15 spots per category, could you please register to only one category, to leave some spots available for more people ? Thank you for your understanding !


To register, please go to this link. 


You will recieve a ticket (everything in French, sorry, I could not change it). Please don't pay attention to the ticket. I you recievz this mail with the ticket, it just means you are registered)