Fun competition

On Sunday june 2nd, we will organize a fun competition for players who could not qualify to the AWI Qualifier. 


It is open to every players, from the very beginners to experts


Schedule :

- Registrations 

- Players' meeting 

- beginning 


Order of trials:

1- freestyle beginner

2- freestyle advanced

3- TC beginner

4- TC advanced

5- frizzgility


There will be 3 kind of trials (you can chose to do one or several of them) 


- Freestyle :

For beginners, you must do a routine of at least 45 seconds, and 2 minutes max (with music). No obligatory tricks, no need to jump. 

For the advanced players, it is a normal 2 minutes routine.

The rules are the normal AWI rules. 


- Distance (you can play even if you don't play freestyle) :

One minute, one disc. Normal AWI rules.



- Friz'agility (you can play even if you don't play freestyle) :

One minute, 2 discs, 3 agility obstacles. The dog must jump over 3 agility hurdles, and then catch a frisbee at at least 10 meters, and repeat as many times as possible during one minute. 

Every hurdle count 2 points, and every disc caught, 5 points. You can also throw rollers. 

Thank You Up-Dog for the game !



Fee :

- 1 trial: 
- 2 to 3 trails: 


Registrations are not open yet.

For registration, please go to this page